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How to Lower Your CPA by 37% without Losing Conversions

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A real-life example of how Pixite reduced the cost per action using a media buying platform for Facebook Mobile Ads

Insights from the entertainment industry show that whatever budget is allocated to advertising, finding reliable, engaged, and high converting traffic is a daunting task. Pixite has been at the forefront of mobile digital art apps since 2009.

At a certain point, the company realized that creating and customizing ad campaigns for Facebook is a complicated and time-consuming process with unpredictable results. Pixite found a reliable partner to execute a successful user acquisition strategy and their boldest expectations were eventually surpassed.

In this case study, we are going to share with you how it was done in order to:

  • increase the volume of purchases by 220%;
  • reduce the CPA by 37%;
  • buy traffic in distant markets effectively;
  • save 80% of your valuable time.

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